PHPlist import name written with a hyphen

I am using PHPlist v3.6.12.
When importing a CSV with subscribers and there is a hyphen ( - ) included in the name,
the import works well without any messages.
Example name: ‘Egli-Zabler’

But afterwards there is an empty string saved for the field name.

Is this a bug in this version v3.6.12 only ?
Do others have the same problem ?
Is there any workaround ?

Running under PHP 8.0

@merlot22 This works for me


Can you show the line that does not work for you, use the toolbar code button </> so that it is displayed as preformatted text.


Here is the CSV file:

If the field name is filled with ‘Raffalsky’, it works fine.
But filled with ‘Raffalsky-Götz’ the field of the name is empty after import of the CSV.

@merlot22 It is more likely to be the umlaut causing the problem. Check that the phplist database tables use utf8 for character fields.

It is not the umlaut “ö”.
I have tested it, that “Götz” works.
But MINUS “Egli-Zabler” doesn’t.

The column “value” in the table phplist_user_user_attribute has “utf8_general_ci”.

I have found the real problem now!

The import file was not formatted in UTF-8(without BOM)
but in standard code (maybe ANSI).

You should take care to format the import file in UTF-8.

Thank you @duncanc for the helping questions.