PHPList Hosted or Own Hosting is better?

Hi All,

Can anyone give an advice regarding the PHPList Hosting?
Which one is better my own hosting or hosted(


That depends on your skill, and the quality of the hosting provider.

Thanks Chris.

I have been using mailchimp, campaign monitor and YMLP for mail campaigns.
How many mail can be sent per hour in a VPS with 4GB RAM?
What all the facts we need to consider if we go for own hosting?

I’ve achieved 12,000 per hour on a VPS.

Do you host a website(s) on that VPS?
Will you be using the same sending IP for normal email?
If so, you will have to take extra care not get your IP blacklisted or you risk your normal email being blocked as well.

I have some other sites hosted in the same server. But I have taken a dedicated IP for PHPlist application.
Is there any additional configuration required in the server for PHPList other than the installation?


If you mail me on I can get you a quote for hosting. I can call you, if you like.



OK, the PHPList application has a dedicated IP, but are you sure that the email is being sent from that IP?
There are different configurations available for hosting servers. The old default setting was that exim would handle all email for every site on the server.
So, PHPList might be on one IP, and there might be websites on 3 other IP’s, but all email might still be sent through exim on yet another IP.
All I’m saying is that you can’t be too careful here.

I often configure dedicated servers to manage all this properly for my clients while optimizing the throughput of email from PHPList.