PhpList for landing pages + email newsletters?

I am considering using PhpList to produce landing pages + email newsletters.

I have multiple eBooks that I sell. Each eBook contains a link to a different landing page where readers can sign up for a newsletter and receive a free gift.

This is what I would need PhpList to do:

  • Quickly create landing pages, so users can sign up for newsletters
  • Automatically send users a welcome email immediately after they sign up
  • Automatically send users a follow-up email a few days after they sign up
  • Send newsletters (that are responsive for mobile and have images)
  • Have an interface for users to unsubscribe

Can PhpList do all of this?

Bonus requirement 1:
I would just like to have one landing page for all my books. When the user signs up they can select which book they purchased and be tagged with that group. That way, when I send out my newsletters, I can tailor the content according to the book the user purchased (e.g. users tagged with ‘happybook’ group will get a different email from those tagged with the ‘sleepbook’ group).

Bonus requirement 2:
In addition to having one landing page, I’d like to make it accessible from different URLs. (e.g., and have the content on the landing page slightly change according to the URL used to access it.

Can PhpList fulfill these bonus requirements?