Phplist emails end up in spam folder, should I load phplist on my server instead?

I am new to phplist, and I have signed up for an account on While testing a new campaign all of the initial emails ended up in spam folders (gmail accounts). The content is exactly the same that I have previously sent through a phpBB forum without any significant problems of them ending up in spam folders. The only difference is that the content sent via phplist was html, from phpBB it was text. Do emails sent from have more spam folder problems than if I were load phplist on my server and send from there? Or is phplist in general more susceptible to ending up on spam folders?

thanks in advance

Hello @oatmeal

Regarding your hosted account at you can email and discuss any issues that you had with your account. You will receive a reply shortly.


Thank you Mariana for the reply. I will send them a request.

Although I probably should have asked the question differently.

Does anyone know if the method (using the phplist script) or the server location/domain is a more important factor in emails ending up in the spam folder.

Are emails sent via scripts more successful at avoiding spam folders? Or is the method still a trigger especially with gmail accounts?

Thanks again