phpList email sending trouble

To one of my project, I am using php list to send emails but the emails are going to spam so I decided to use google SMTP to sent emails but the email sending is getting stopped after sending first 20 emails but without SMTP I can send more emails but those are going to spam what can I do? If I refresh the page it will start sending mails again and stops after 19-20 emails

Gmail has various tight restrictions on how many messages you can send through their SMTP servers. Have you checked the limits there, and the SMTP log messages you’re receiving from their servers?

Yeah thats becose of gmail restriction but if i use phplist directly the mails are going to spam how can i avoid this?

There are many aspects to email deliverability and inbox placement. Building the reputation of your IP address, registering with Google Postmaster tools, increasing the engagement of your non-Gmail recipients. These and other steps should improve it.

You may also like to consider DKIM/SPF settings as well. (The link is to my site and deals with said DKIM and SPF settings).

The links are not working

My domain is 6 years old also never reported spam activity if I use mail() function of PHP directly also the mail is never getting marked as spam the problem is only with php mail. Ok i never used google postmaster tools going to give a look on what it is is there anything i can improve please let me know

For your other sending with the mail() function do you send similar volumes? High volume commonly triggers spam filters. Office / home mail sending patterns are very different from sending even 100 messages in quick succession. You can change your phpList send speed settings to send more slowly (throttle it) to improve deliverability. See

No with the mail() I wont sent the similar volume can you sugect me a better speed settings for php list also i have tried senting a single mail with php list that too even going to spam folder. :frowning:

The email sending trouble is also happening with me as well and the outlook account is also not responding and I am currently having outlook 0x8004010f

Please search this forum - there are hundreds of threads on this subject.

Yes php list is a great peace of software butyou have to use an smptp relay along with it for better result

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