phpList Dateplaceholder in viewinbrowser plugin

Does dateplaceholder plugin have any support in viewinbrowser plugin?

@ritztoston If you enable the ‘Fix dates when archiving a campaign’ setting for the date placeholder plugin then the date placeholders will be replaced by the dates actually used but only when the campaign sending has completed.

So viewing the campaign in the browser after it has completed sending should show the dates, not the placeholders.

Also, you can add ‘dateplaceholder’ to the list of plugins for the View in Browser settings on the Settings page.

Fix dates’ default was set to true though, but whenever I access the ViewInBrowser link, the date was set today even though I sent it yesterday. Do I need to use the [ARCHIVE] tag rather than the [VIEWINBROWSER] tag?

@ritztoston If you view the campaign from the Sent tab, does the message body show the placeholder or an actual date?

I actually put the placeholder in the subject line. All i can see is the dateplaceholder though

@ritztoston So when viewing the email through the view in browser plugin, where do you see the message subject? In the browser window title?

I don’t really understand how the placeholder in the subject can be replaced by a date when using the view in browser plugin. The plugin just takes the message subject directly for the window title.

Sorry, scratch that. I have 2 placeholder. One was in the subject line and the other one was in my html template. Whenever I view it in the browser, the one was on the subject line works by looking at the title page. Eg. Mypage - xx/xx/2018. In my message body, the date supposed to be yesterday’s date, it appends the date today instead.

This seems to suggest that the placeholders are not being replaced with the actual dates when the sending is complete.

@ritztoston I will try to reproduce your problem but cannot guarantee that the same will occur.

This might be caused by phplist holding some message fields twice - on the message table and also on the messagedata table. But only the messagedata table is updated for, say the subject, with the actual date. The subject field on the message table still includes the placeholder.

If you want the date to be fixed after sending then you need to put it in the message, not the template. It doesn’t make sense to fix a date in a template.

I’m using rssfeed though. All I have in the body is the [RSS] tag, so I had to put the dateplaceholder in my html template. Is there any other way to fix this?

@ritztoston You can have more than just the [RSS] placeholder in the message. What have you tried that does not work?

Oh yeah silly me, Thanks!