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Helo team

Iam using phplist 3.3.5.I am not able to edit some fields under config->general settings.For example am not able to edit Person in charge of this system (one email address) field.Changes made are not getting saved .What may be the issue

Anyone please help me out

You do remember to click save at the bottom of the page?

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yes …I have clicked save button…plz find the attached file below…am trying to edit webmaster@[WEBSITE] text but after clicking save button it doesnt change

That strange, I recommend that you enable debugging and check your phplist and Apache logs for errors.


Treat me like I’m 6. Can you make changes to any attributes in the section?

Have you been able to change these attributes before, and now you can’t?

Try to give the list a “feel” for what’s happened/changed with the site/app/code.


Hi @tech ,
Maybe the email address change might fail due to email validation check. Eg: your top level domain is not whitelisted on phpList: xheni@test.xheni would fail.

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@xheni Do you any recent PRs relate to this apparent issue?

@samtuke yes, there is an open PR for this.

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