PHPList Changes Links in HTML Emails to local hosted Domain

I’m trying to send an email using HTML and its removing the links and replacing them with its locally hosted name. I don’t care about link tracking I just want them to be exactly how I coded the email.

No ideas why this is happening??? can someone help?
Ive added:
in config and its still giving these local links

even when i send as webpage, phplist adds: “/lists/lt.php?tid=HUGESTRING” at the end of every href

@westman You want to disable click tracking.
Ensure that those defines do not occur earlier in the config file.
Also examine the quote character that you have used. It must be a single quote or double quote, not a “smart quote” character.

@duncanc Haven’t I disabled it already using the:
options in my config file? Ive added these commands and reset multiple times. It still adds the links.

@duncanc I would GREATLY appreciate any help on this

@duncanc I’ve changed all doubles to single quotes, same error… What do I do?

Just wanted to add here that you should not you a text based program to edit the config files. These programs tend to replace the single/double quotes with specialized characters. I like to use DreamWeaver as it handles everything and even shows the difference between remark lines and code lines.

Just a thought - Doug

@westman Which file are you changing? It should be /lists/config/config.php not config_extended.php

Otherwise, I don’t know. Do any other config changes have an effect? Presumably you changed the database details when installing, and that works.