PHPlist Campaign. Did NOT send to Gmail. No errors reported

The heading pretty much states it all. I sent my first campaign out last night and to any email that wasn’t GMail received the email, but any gmail account received nothing at all. There were no errors logged. Im currently using an SMTP account, but i want to NOT use SMTP, however thats on a separate post. This post is dealing directly with why GMail did not receive any emails.

So where do I start?

please not, I’ve been playing with PHPList for less than a Week and trobleshooting email apps, is very new to me.

Hi jeddell,

Did you check the spamfolder?
Maybe the mails are marked as spam by gmail.

Do mails arrive when you mail via the smtp and not via phplist?
But with the same sender address.


Checked every folder in GMail. The emails don’t arrive at all. I’ve also tested this in a couple of Gmail accounts. all the same. no email arrived. No errors reported.

I have that same problem.
When I first started using phplist, it worked normally, that is, it was sending to gmail without any problems. Now gmail does not receive email.
I tried another self hosted service yesterday. Very interesting, mails sent from there no longer reach gmail.
Where is the problem, what should I fix? Is there a problem with the hosting company?

I get some information on my hoster, how to make this? has a contact form. For its successful operation on our hosting, as the sender address in the code of your feedback form, you should specify the name of the mailbox in the domain. For example, or, or any other “” mailbox. It is not necessary to create a mailbox.

If you specify a mailbox of a third-party domain, such as or, or another domain in the .KZ zone, such a letter will not be delivered, because our anti-spam filter will block it.

Also, in order to achieve the correct operation of the submission forms, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the section “Example #2 Sending an email with additional headers”, and make adjustments to your scripts, including all the headers indicated in the example.