phpList bounce-processing and OAuth?

So yesterday we got an email from our IS folks, saying:

Google will be turning off access to less secure apps (LSA) - non-Google apps that can access your Google account with only a username and password (basic authentication) - starting June 15, 2024.

This will impact your OWU BishopApps non-person account, [EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED FOR PRIVACY]

To continue using these types of apps with this OWU BishopApps account, you must switch to a more secure type of access called OAuth.

If you are using an app that accesses your OWU BishopApps account with only a username and password, take one of the following actions to switch to a more secure method and continue to access your email, calendar, or contacts. If you do not take one of the following actions by September 30, 2024, you will begin receiving an error message that your username-password combination is incorrect and you will not be able to log in.

It then lists a bunch of options for various email/calendar/contacts clients, but then has a section that says:

All Other Applications

Note: If the app you are using does not support OAuth, you will need to switch to an app that offers OAuth, or create an app password to access these apps.

As far as I can tell, phpList doesn’t do OAuth stuff with its bounce-processing…am I mistaken? Am I screwed here (I just got the automated bounce-processing stuff all set up and configured a few months ago)?

(FYI, “OWU BishopApps” is what they’ve branded our “Google Apps for Education” (or whatever it’s called these days…I know that it’s changed names a couple times.)

From the discussion last year I thought that you had already done this. Have you reverted to using the google account password instead?

Hrmmm…I thought I had, but when I go to, it says “You don’t have any app passwords.”, so something’s amiss…time to do more troubleshooting…

K that looks to be the case. Everything’s set up on my end as far as I can tell

It turns out that the note the IS guy sent out last week was apparently a catch-all “I know you’re doing something with this sort of thing…you may want to look into it”-type thing.

Crisis averted :slight_smile: