Phplist autologout

hello all
I got phplist working on shared hosting with amazon ses plugin
for some reason it logs out inspite of update of setting to 2 days

You have been logged out, because the session token of your request was incorrect

if (!defined(‘SESSION_TIMEOUT’)) {
define(‘SESSION_TIMEOUT’, 172800);

updated in init.php
but still get logged out maybe after campaign is sent ?

used from below url

another question
after campaign is processed why does it stay processing for a while
i.e email all sent but it sits there and have to click stop

want to share one tip for shared hosting if troubleshooting ses curl multicurl.log
its set todefault /tmp and you wont be able to write or read
need to update tmpdir folder to your related full path on linux cpanel of your shared hosting any folder to see curl ses info if its success

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Great advice, thanks. Do you feel like this belongs to any of the existing pages of the manual ( If not, perhaps a new page is needed?