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phpList as part of the Kiwi TCMS OSS Program

Hello everyone,

Just like most open source projects, phpList aims to give back to the community and vice versa. This is why for the development and documentation of phpList we use other open source software (Discourse for this forum, Doku wiki for resources, Weblate for translations, etc). I’m happy to announce that phpList is now part of the Kiwi TCMS OSS Program.

About Kiwi TCMS
Kiwi TCMS is the leading open source test management system for both manual and automated testing. It features bug tracker integration, search pages, powerful access control, test automation framework plugins, visual reports and rich API layer.

About the OSS Program
The Kiwi TCMS team is committed to supporting other open source projects. That’s why they are giving away free access to a private tenant instance of Kiwi TCMS.