phpList 4 plans for integration

I know i asked the question about coding a module for Mosaico here already. But i don’t want to give up the hope of using mosaico from within phplist one day.
And as i read about plans for a version 4, I thought i should possibly ask again.
The editor experience of mosaico is crucial for people who try to edit responsive mail-templates. And people are used to editors like this from services like mailchimp and co are really turned down by phplist.

please consider this!
I would offer my help with integration but i’m not a developer. Let me know if i could contribute to this in any other way!

Hi Stefan, thanks for raising this again. I think it’s genuinely useful.

Development help would be the most useful way to contribute, but there are other ways too.

For example: what are the key features of Mosaico that you need / miss from phpList 3? Mosaico is not the only option (since this was last discussed more open source email editors have come into existence, but none of them stand alone), and creating a key feature list for the editor implementation in phpList 4 would help guide the developers thinking, and ensure we tick the boxes. Please be as specific as possible.

Additionally it would be useful to know why using an external editor is not a good option for you. Is it merely the convenience of having all parts of the campaign workflow in one application?

Finally, financial contributions to sponsor work on this particular feature would also be welcome. If a bug bounty, or mini crowdfunding campaign existed to raise enough to implement, or another editor that would offer the same functionality, would you be interested in donating?

Hey Sam,
thanks for your answer!

What are the key benefits of using mosaico? well…

  • Image resizing / croping is taken care of
  • drag and drop of different block types
  • handling of variables for fonts, colours on a per block/element basis
  • duplication of already edited blocks
  • undo/redo functionality

content areas is great but lacks a uptodate-js-interface and is limited, for example with changing the sequence of available blocks, or defining variables

generally a top condition for me is to be able to host everything on our own servers.
i’m not too fond of sas-options because of the dependence on availability.

two options to get a kind of “standalone” mosaico are:

first one could be a between solution but:
It would be great to have one place to develop/organize campaigns. ideally one could as well send it from there. Besides not having to host 2 different applications.

you mentioned other options for use with phplist? I’m curious…

And for the funding: as I’m working for a non-profit, I wont be able to fund large junks, but I could imagine, to contribute to a crowdfunding… possibly motivating others to switch to phplist and contribute too…

nobody else interested in this?

to keep this thread alive:
i asked the developers behind mosaico if they could help. this is their answer:

I’m sorry we can’t put money or development for phplist integration but we are happy to see Mosaico being integrated (see and

If someone from phplist wants to develop the integration we can assist them: we usually prefer to work in the open, so they can simply start from our wiki ( , expecially and and open github issues ( with their questions.