Phplist 3.6.10 - newsletter subscription fails

Hi there,

Subscribing to newsletters gives me an issue:

After clicking subscribe I get this error: " Sorry, sending the message to request your confirmation failed."

Is there a workaround? — Based on an earlier post I added define(‘PHPMAILERSUBSCRIBEHOST’,’’); at the bottom of the config.php but that does not resolve it.


Hi Tom1,

Are other messages sent correctly?

Part of my settings.

// if you have an SMTP server, set it here. Otherwise it will use the normal php mail() function
//# if your SMTP server is called “” you enter this below like this:
//# define(“PHPMAILERHOST”,‘’);
//added # to 3 rows below
#define(‘PHPMAILERHOST’, ‘localhost’);

// To use a SMTP server please give your server hostname here, leave it blank to use the standard
// PHP mail() command.
define(‘PHPMAILERHOST’, ‘’);

I’m on a shared hosting environment.

Thanks Peter for your time,

it turns out two commands were missing:

$phpmailer_smtpuser = ‘’;
$phpmailer_smtppassword = ‘’;

Now all is well.