phpList 3.4.8 mail going to spam

I am already phplist in website
But when I send email campaign then the email will send “Spam” Folder.
i tried this problem i add in

For the past month all my phplist mailing lsist for four diffrenet companies are blocked for spam by mailchannels that the service provider implemented. This is the first time many years that I have this issues.

The suppliers do not know what to do and me also.

What is your recommendation?

Kind regards

same in the old version because it’s been a year it’s work

Have you tried setting DKIM and SPF, possibly on your server?

How to set DKIM/SPF or DKIM for Dummies

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Dragonrider these are set by the ISP on all these list. I have three different companies and on all of them I have been using PHPList for many yeras, without any issues. I stay withing the ISP recommendations of emails per hour, I use the domain throttle on PHPlist, but ever sinc they implemented Mailjhannels in September, the problem started. Because my IP address are linked to three or four mailing lists that I run for clients, they block my Wifi fibre modem’s IP.

These last three months was quite frustrating, since the ISP is just ignoring the issue, but to move now to another ISP, that does not use MailChannels, is also going to be a challenge with the IP been blocked.

I will try and remove the logo as suggested by some other post, and see if it will work.

“Ok, to prevent that in the moment you can change your config with
Then there is no logo, just the text powered by phpList”

I will try this and see what happens, since I cant even send myself a test email.

I’m relative new to phplist so forgive me if I miss the point.
About DKIM and SPF you could double check it by yourself using some online tools (for example,
About the IP being blocked, would it be an alternative to connect and use your mobile plan (like Iphone’s hotspot mode for example)? The mobile IP is more easily changed.

Removing the credit logo has resolved the issue. I have informed the ISP to contact Mailchannels in this regards. I also setup the PHPMailer to loin and send via the domain email address in ssl. Between the two changes, it worksed well. I also cancelled the auto domain throttle. It was sending today the whole day without any issues. Hope it will last.