phpList 3.3 Release Candidate including new UI ready for testing

A Release Candidate for the upcoming phpList 3.3 is available for testing, including a new user interface, major under the hood changes, and a lot of tweaks and polish.

This is your chance to find any remaining issues on your particular platform and setup, allowing them to be addressed before the final release. Three RCs have already been tested making the current version 3.3-RC4.

Download the Release Candidate here


Reporting issues

Happy testing!

Is it just me, or does the download link actually download version 3.2.7 of phplist, rather than the release candiate?

The download link in the opening post should take you to a list of files for phpList 3.3 RC4 on sourceforge.

Sorry, hit the green download button, have only just spotted the links for 3.3 further down the page!


Glad you were able to download it in the end :slight_smile: