phpList 3.3.9 Released

phpList version 3.3.9 is now available to install, introducing the ability to ‘Add sender to contacts’ via a trackable campaign link, and including three usability improvements, and eight fixes.

Use the ‘Updater’ link from your dashboard to get it, or see the Download page for full installation and upgrade instructions.

The [CONTACT] placeholder is used to insert a trackable link to a virtual contact card (vCard) with your organisation’s details included. The file can be imported by the subscribers into their local device or mail client address book, and help avoid client-side spam filtration.

This release also includes several changes submitted from @duncanc and other Open Source community members who have shared their experience with phpList and helped identifying issues.

See all changes in the Release Notes.

To get involved in phpList development, check out the developer resources pages.
Don’t forget to share bug reports at the bugtracker or any further suggestions.

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