phpList 3.3.5 released

phpList version 3.3.5 has been released including quite some interesting changes: features, fixes and improvements.

Read the highlights in the release notes, or download the update now.

This version of phpList includes various fixes from previous releases and some of those issues were also raised here. Usability improvements – big and small and a “Bounces per Campaign” page added in the Interface are also part of phpList 3.3.5.

Apart of the valuable feedback and various bug reports, this release also includes pull requests from community members: thanks again to @duncanc, @thedayse and @maltfield.

You can check out the full release notes for details and references to the pull requests.

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Thanks this release worked flawlessly for me in upgrading from 3.3.1!
You might want to update the download page at
which says Version 3.3.4 is the current stable release.


Great to hear that :slight_smile: Thanks for noticing that on the Download Page, now updated.

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