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phpList 3.3.2 released

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phpList version 3.3.2 has been released featuring 2 completely new features, 4 additional plugins, 20 fixes, and 339 code commits. Read the highlights in the release notes, or download the update now.

Changes in this release

Over 100 changes are included in this release, with major improvements to usability and navigation, with tens of fixes large and small. Check out the full release notes for details.

This release includes several functionalities added: new statistics are available for campaign views that can also be exported to CSV. Four of the most commonly used plugins are also included by default, and safety checks are performed when navigating campaign composer pages to make sure you don’t leave with unsaved changes.

Meanwhile on the front-end: the Trevelin theme is now used by default, and so is CKEditor for campaign editing.


phpList 3.3.2 is the work of Duncan Cameron, Edmund Huggett, Tim Coen, and other Open Source community members, as well as phpList Ltd. developers, including the first contributions from our new staff Developer Xheni Myrtaj.

To get involved in phpList development, check out the developer resources pages.
As described in a recent blog post, phpList 4 is making progress and needs your help – checkout the contributors guide or architecture overview for an introduction.


Need help upgrading your phpList server to the newest version? Ask the community at Professional support from community experts, as well as manuals, source code, and developer resources, can be found at Report all bugs to the bugtracker!

Want to focus on campaigns and forget hosting headaches? Sign up at for an account with everything included. Send from 300 free messages to 30 million messages per month – simple.


Thanks everyone for your testing of the RCs! You made 3.3.2 a better and more featureful release as a result.

phpList 3.3.3 (the following release) has been under development for some time and hopefully it will follow 3.3.2 into the wild within the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

FYI here are the release announcements on Social Media channels:


“Hip, hip, hooray!” There are some nice features/fixes in there. Thanks!