phpList 3.3.2 Release Candidate ready for testing

A Release Candidate for the upcoming phpList 3.3.2 is now available for testing.
Several changes and improvements, including new features, have been added since phpList 3.3.1, including fixes for the following reported issues:

• Fixed ‘unidentified bounces older than two months’ removal 
• Fixed missing duplication validation when modifying a subscribers email, now checking if an email address has been entered and does not already exist when changing the email address;
• Fixed phpList displaying without a theme when  function parse_ini_file() has been disabled. Now when that happens phpList will use the first theme that is found.
• Fixed repeat message processing trying to copy an index, that caused a repeated campaign to eventually not to be sent because ‘finishsending’ date is in the past;
• Fixed miscalculation of percentages on Campaign Statistics page; 
• Fixed input fields scale on campaign composer page on small screens.

For a full list of changes, please see the Roadmap. Look out for these changes during your testing.

If you have experienced issues with phpList 3.3.1 please install this update and see if those issues are resolved. This is your chance to find any remaining issues on your particular platform and setup, allowing them to be addressed before the final release.

Download the Release Candidate here


• Upgrade from older releases following the usual [upgrade process](
• Use your phpList as normal, and report any new problems you find 

Reporting issues
Report any issues you find to the phpList Bugtracker, selecting “3.3.2-RC6” as the Product Version
Use the usual bug fixing process if you know how to fix it.

Happy testing!


Hi all,
We would be very happy if everybody included in the testing of the release candidate would submit bug reports to the bugtracker before tomorrow (Wednesday), 12 PM CET. Reports submitted after that time will be considered for the next release.

Suela :slight_smile:

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