PHPList 3.3.1 ends my session with any click


I have installed from scratch PHPLis 3.3.1. Previously I installed phplist many times with old versions. I already checked that I have PHP5.6.30. I have the basic config.php file.
Access to the phplist desktop without problem. But when I click on any link in the menu, phplist logs me out. That is, it ends my session, and returns me to the login page.

I tried it on Mozilla, Crhome, and Avastt Safe Zone Browser, and nothing. I rebooted the server and always had the same problem.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

I had a similar issue, and it had something to do with the ipv6 and it’s interaction with phplist.

things to try:

The same problem. Re-installed from a fresh download. In addition to adding the session, the menu at the top is missing, so there is no way to access many needed features.

It’s already about a year this or that doesn’t work, practically unusable for me script!

  1. Did you move the old directory, and create a fresh install directory?
  2. What version is your php?