phpList 3.2.5 what's new: subscriber stats, new placeholders, auto-embed

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Welcome to phpList 3.2.5 Note: This release contains several security fixes – you should upgrade as soon as possible. phpList 3.2.5 includes several great new features, important bug fixes, and improved security. My favourite is the new domain statistics table, which provides a clear overview of your subscriber list cleanliness, highlighting domains with a high…

Hey @anna, thanks for the heads-up,

I haven’t upgraded yet (I tend to be a late adopter :wink: ) , but looking at Whats New

I see we can now embed images, this is great but appears to be all or nothing.

Can one choose which images to embed, eg just the logo, or social-media icons ?
I ask this as our mail also has larger images which would weigh the mail (delivery) down if embebed.


you should upgrade right away, this version has important security fixes.

Images in the template are embedded, so the best place for logo and social media icons is there, so they are always embedded. Content is not usually embedded, for the reason you mention of size.

My current version, 3.2.4, is not detecting any update. It says that it is already the most recent. Any ideas why it doesn’t see the new version? This was never a problem in the past.

I did,it broke things have you removed the mysql.ini code that was in previous version 3.2.4 ?

Having to stick on 3.2.4 for now, the mysqli stuff wont work on the php version i have in centos 6 which only has PHP 5.3 are in the repos.