PHPLIST 3.2.5 tracking hidden image get blocked by outlook and other clients

Dear Team,

Issue: hidden image for tracking are till blocked by outlook

One of the best feature in 3.2.5 is embedded images facility in email templates, which really help us a lot , now at least external images are embedded in email and no email client is blocking images.

But still hidden image (part of phplist) for tracking are till blocked by outlook result the statistics shown by phplist is incomplete.

Kindly help us to fix same, so that tracing images are also not blocked by any email clients.



Will appropriate if someone provide the solution, so that outlook will not block user tracking hidden images.

Thanks in advance.


@anupam4881 If Outlook is blocking external images by default then there isn’t anything phplist can do about that.

Can we embedded this images in html which we r using for user tracking ? not sure but may be outlook will not block if we embedded.

reference :

“It will be embedded in the email automatically, so it doesn’t get blocked by mail clients”

Is there any workaround .


@anupam4881 That is not how user tracking works. You can search to get a better understanding.

If someone wants to disable external images then you need to respect their decision, and that means user tracking statistics are not going to be entirely accurate. My email client, Thunderbird, also by default disables external images so your problem is not just with Outlook.

Yes, Now agree after detail googling.

Thanks for giving your valuable input.