phpList 3.2.4: domain throttling map and some fixes

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Sophisticated Sending Expert domain throttling: new plugin project An exciting new crowd-sourcing project to enhance domain throttling is in it’s early stages. As one of its inbuilt deliverability features, phpList can throttle campaign sending by domain: if to many emails are sent to the same domain your IP address can get blacklisted, phpList can make…

Very nice! looking forward to playing around with the domain throttling.

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Looks awesome! :smile:

I downloaded and installed the domainthrottlemap plugin. There isn’t much in the way of documentation for this plugin and it doesn’t appear to have been updated with new domain groups. How do you implement the plugin and what can actually be implemented? Can I select a domain group and set a specific batch size and period for it or do I have to use the one batch size and period that is available in the config file under “Domain Throttling”? Is the only value that the smaller domains get grouped to create a larger domain that this logic runs against? Does that functionality occur automatically if you enable the plugin and domain throttling?

I made a bunch of additions to this component on GitHub, I have no clue how to use GitHub, but if michield - pulls my changes into the master branch it will contain a lot more mappings.

@Henry Is this you?

Just click the “New pull request” button to raise a pull request.

Yeah, I clicked the button, says you need write access to merge with the base branch. Which I don’t have.

I really hate GIT - I’m retarded with it.

Maybe the owner will get a notification.

You did create the pull request,

Michield, just merged them into the master branch. If I get motivated I’ll add some more mappings later.

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I made a bunch more additions to it, it’s worth grabbing a new version.

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I added in all the AOL domains, Michield just merged the changes into the main branch. If you’re using this, you definitely want to get this update.

Compliments of the Mail Tester From Unlock The Inbox.

I’m still using this, but honestly I still don’t know if I set it up right. Do I need to make any changes to my config settings to make this work? Do I just install the plugin and it works? Sorry but I just don’t know.