phpList 3.2.2: One logo, many templates.

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Download phpList 3.2.2 to get hold of the latest features and fixes, including our new logo upload feature. The full changelog is here. Templates and sending One Logo, many templates. A cool new feature in phpList 3.2.2 allows the upload of a logo to the main settings page. The logo can then be inserted into…

Link doesn’t work anna??

@anna With the new release there is a Develop menu item, which I guess should not be there.

@Dragonrider do you also see this thing?

@anna Switched back to 3.2.1 using the same config file and database

ok, we are doing 3.2.3 - not sure why it ended up there, some stray thing, it’s harmless but an annoyance we don’t want there really.