phpList 3.2.2: how to use the new LOGO placeholder

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A cool new feature in phpList 3.2.2 allows the upload of a logo to the main settings page. The logo can then be inserted into campaign templates using the new [LOGO] placeholder: this system helps you change the logo across all templates in one go, with just a few clicks. Read on to find out…

The link you give isn’t found Anna?

Sorceforge is broken so we can’t upload the software, I revolved the blogs but this is still active. If source-forge is not fixed soon I will take this down too.

The HTML examples need to use either single or double quotes, not .

Looking at the code for when the placeholder is replaced, when a longest side is not given then it defaults to 500px instead of using the image as-is.

tbh I don’t know how to fix that, I just pasted it “as was” - this is character encoding right? Do you have editing privileges to correct it?

Ok, can you report that or do a PR :slight_smile: Thanks for fixes :smile:

I guess that you wrote the article in open office or similar, which appears to have “smart quotes” enabled. It changes double quotes to 66 and 99 quotes, which are not valid for surrounding html attributes. Look at the menu Tools > Autocorrect options > Localised options tab to see whether that is the case.

You need to edit the article and just change those three example lines of HTML to use ordinary double quotes instead.

I wrote it in WordPress, I pasted the html from mantis but in plain text mode, I am not sure why it would do this. I will see if I can fix it.

Is it right now? They look exactly the same, here is html view before

and after

It is wordpress changing the quotes, but the same problem. You probably need to wrap the bits of html within a pre or code element.

OK I will look into it

Ok I think I have it done, there is a code tag as you said, thanks to @samtuke for helping too :smile: