PHPList 3.2.1 and FREEBSD (White page with no errors)

I am having a hard time getting PHPList installed on FREEBSD, I have tried using both the port as well as a standalone.

I am using:
FreeBSD 10.2
PHP 5.6.14
Mysql 5.6
PHPList 3.2.1

I get a white screen when trying to access by web browser. If I try a command line php call I get a db 1146 talking about the db table not being available. however I don’t see where I can build the db tables using a php call to see if that clears the issue.

How do I clear the white screen to make the interfact usable.

One thing to note is the PHP config has HASH installed however I don’t see it listed when I do a PHP ENV test script.