PHP7.2 upgraded to PHP7.4

Since the upgrade from php 7.2 to php7.4 I can no longer log in to our phplist newsletter. I have no idea what to do about this anymore. I see the page, I can also enter the username and password, but then nothing happens anymore. Who o who knows the solution for this?

Check your logs, it will throw an error there.

Where can i find the logs??

You will have to ask your hosting provider. Log file location depends on the hosting panel (if there is any).
Usually is under your home directory on a log or logs folder.

unfortunately I cannot find this. I have also already checked with the provider that says this is my problem. But why can’t I log in after updating PHP 7.2 to 7.4.

@Happyfm82 Please clarify what actually happens when you try to login.
Does the browser send the login request to phplist or is even that not happening? You can use the browser’s development tools to see if there are any javascript problems reported and to see what is being sent to phplist.

Apparently something is being sent to php list. If I enter the password incorrectly, I will immediately receive a response. If I fill in everything correctly and try to login it keeps loading and gives 500 internal server error after 2min.

@Happyfm82 Possibly the php 7.4 installation does not have the same set of php extensions enabled as the php 7.2 installation. If your hosting is CPanel then you might be able to check that through “Select php version”.

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