Php3.3.1 campaign send issues

Hello, I use phplist 3.3.1, recently upgraded. I continue to have problems sending the que. With a list of 37 users I have to refresh the page and resend 3 times to get through this. Does it make a difference which version of php I have. I am currently using php5.6 and am able to use up to 7.1. I tried to use the command line but I get a blank white page. Phplist used to work fine, but something changed since 3.2.6…thanks Tom

php5.6 is fine.
What are your batch settings and throttle settings in your config.php file?

what version did you upgrade from?
did you just copy your config.php file, or did your edit the new one that came with 3.3.1 and make sure that the settings in the new file match the old file?