PHP Webhook to catch & forward bounces to email from 3rd party server?

I’m trying to get a php webhook script to catch and forward to my phplist bounce email address in order to process bounces against my member database.

I’m not proficient in php coding or webhooks. I’ve googled for sample scripts…found 4 likely candidates…but none seem to catch, and forward ???

I could really use some help from someone who really knows php coding.

This might be a good idea for a “webhook plugin”.


If you are trying to sync your phpList data with an external database, you can also do this directly via sql statements, assuming you have access to both databases from the command line of your server.

You can read your phpList database and lookup all the unsubscribe and bounces in the last day, and then push that information into your external, member database.

I made a script that does this, and run it twice a day with a cron job. Now the databases are synced every 12 hours.

nope…don’t have access to 3rd party database. Still need php webhook script to receive and forward to email address. I have a basic script on the server which when run using ssh doesn’t throw any errors. However, still doesn’t forward to email ?