Php{sendmail} or pop

Hi all,
Hoping someone can advise me on this. I have just set up phplist on our godaddy hosted domain. The email address that we are using with phplist is limited to 250 relays per day.
If phplist uses sendmail to actually send the email does this use the relays on that email address? Or is it a choice of sendmail and smtp/pop?
If it does is there a way to spread the list sending between say three different email addresses without it looking that way to the end user?
Thanks all very much for advice, regards,

can anyone please help me answer this?

Hi, I asked some of the lead developers and they don’t understand what you mean to be honest. Can you provide more information?

If you don’t set a PHPMAILERHOST, phpList uses the local host and phpmailer to send out your emails. In this case, it’s not relaying the message, it is sending it out.

It has been my experience that godaddy limits the sending rate to about 200 or so an hour.