PHP list Autoresponder not send automatic

I use the phplist Autoresponder Plugin.

And cerated some Respnders. but it does not send .

phplist version: 3.2.4


@Darknet Please see the plugin documentation

That i have done that like the docomentation says.The problem lies with the cronjob. After creating nobody throws that responding. Can anyone explan how configure, a Cronjob with phplist Autoresponder? I can create a Job in the Backend by Provider.

@Darknet I don’t really undertand what you mean. Which part of the documentation is not clear to you?

1.which key is mean?

  1. Whe I open i get these Error Message: “Fatal error: Class ‘CommonPlugin_Main’ not found in /kunden/469176_70794/rp-hosting/5158012/6158012/ProjektServer/lists/admin/plugins/Autoresponder/process.php on line 26”

@Darknet You do not need to run the process page now, as explained in the documentation

This Thab does not Exist: “Campaigns > Process autoresponders” Only Manage autoresponder

@Darknet I have already explained that you do not need to run the process page.

I don’t understand what i must do, the next step?

This step is needed only for releases of the plugin prior to 3.2.
In release 3.2.1 and later the processing is performed automatically when phplist processes the queue.
It is recommended to upgrade to the latest release of the plugin.
I have 3.2.

To setting up A cronjob i can do that in the Backend of my Hosting.
Which file i do configure? connect with the cronjob?
I think the documentain is there not clear.

@Darknet You need a cron job that runs the processqueue page

There are examples of that in the online documentation and other topics in this forum.

Apologies. The documentation had a typing error. It should have referred to release 2.3 not 3.2. I have now updated the documentation

Who configure a cronjob (Login) Look like this (php /home/me/www/lists/admin/index.php pi=Autoresponder page=process login=yyyy password=zzzz) without the console command. There are not work

@Darknet I have explained several times, and it is in the documentation, that you do not need to run the plugin’s page as a cron job now. You do need to run the phplist process queue command regularly though.

Please read the documentation. If it is not clear then ask a question, but please do not keep repeating the same question after I have answered it.

If having an autoresponder is important to you then you can consider paying for support. In that case let me know by sending a personal message.