PHP 8 not supported yet

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Hello everyone,

I have noticed that there have been several reports about PHP 8 causing problems at your phpList installations. PHP 8 is not supported yet in phpList (PHP 5 is not supported either).

PHP 7 is a safe option for now.


Hi Mariana,

Thanks for your message. When can we expect support for php 8?


Hello @CD130,

Currently, we are in a testing phase, and I am afraid I cannot give you a date. For now, you should not have a problem using PHP 7.


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Any news on when we might see PHP 8 support?

PHP8 would be very helpful because our website runs on it and we don’t can’t go back to an older version.

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Some information would be nice because if it takes longer we have to use another solution.

@donsenilo1968 I think that php8 should mostly work. If you start to use it and report any problems, that would be the helpful approach. Issues should be reported in github