PHP 8 not supported yet

Hello everyone,

I have noticed that there have been several reports about PHP 8 causing problems at your phpList installations. PHP 8 is not supported yet in phpList (PHP 5 is not supported either).

PHP 7 is a safe option for now.


Hi Mariana,

Thanks for your message. When can we expect support for php 8?


Hello @CD130,

Currently, we are in a testing phase, and I am afraid I cannot give you a date. For now, you should not have a problem using PHP 7.


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Any news on when we might see PHP 8 support?

PHP8 would be very helpful because our website runs on it and we don’t can’t go back to an older version.

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Some information would be nice because if it takes longer we have to use another solution.

@donsenilo1968 I think that php8 should mostly work. If you start to use it and report any problems, that would be the helpful approach. Issues should be reported in github

Hi! any updates on php8 support? thanks!

Hi, I am using PHP8 now on my websites for Joomla 4 and Moodle 3.11.

When will PHPList be PHP8 ready?

I have two websites that run PHPList and one seems to be OK with PHP8 but the other one is not.

What could be the issue with the second installation since it was updated to 3.6.7.

Hi Seahawk,

For better understanding: You had previously installed a older version [ ] on this website that uses php8 packages and was working ok but when you upgraded to the latest version 3.6.7, something did not worked correctly, right?

Also if possible, can you share more details about this issue?


Just a blank page. Have not tested since.

Good news: