Php 7.2 causing blank login page in v 3.3.3

My webhost upgraded my php to 7.2 yesterday and today when I try to login to phplist version 3.3.3, I get a blank login page. I have had 3.3.3 up for a while and it has been working fine. My webhost downgraded back to php 7.0 and it started working again. I have 1 month to fix this before they migrate back to 7.2 again.

Has anyone else had trouble with phplist 3.3.3 blank login pages when using php 7.2?


Possibly related to ?

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In case someone else encounters this, here is a followup. Upgrading to 3.3.4-RC2 did not work. Replacing the config.php file did.

Here are the steps that I took:
Running 3.3.3, php version 7. Everything worked.
Upgraded php to 7.2.6 - I got a blank screen instead of the login page.
downgraded to 7.0 - phplist worked again.
Upgraded to 7.2.6 - back to the blank screen.
Upgraded PHPList to 3.3.4-RC2 - did not work. Still getting a blank page instead of login.
Started with a fresh config.php from the latest version. That worked. So I don’t know what was wrong with my old config.php file but I have been using it for many years. It was the enhanced version. Something in the old enhanced config.php seems to have an incompatibility with the new php 7.2.6 but I don’t know what was causing the problem. I am just happy to be back running again.

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Great to hear that you managed to resolve it, and many thanks for writing up and sharing your solution.

I am having the same problem. I can run phpList v3.4.1 on PHP v7.0.33, but get a blank screen (no error messages) when I switch to PHP v7.2.17. My config file (including extended config) came from phpList v3.2.6. The docs simple said to backup the config file, copy the source files to my server, and restore the config file… so I did as instructed but it is not as simple as stated in the docs. There is some config settings that is not compatible with phpList v3.4.1 on PHP v7.2. Plus since PHP v7.0 is end-of-life as of Jan 01 2019… many host provider will require moving off of that version soon.

So any ideas as to which config setting(s) could be the cause?

I was able to determine that the issue is not with phpList config. Starting in PHP v7.2.0, passing “user” to ini ‘session.save_handler’ is forbidden. This is documented as PHP bug #77384 ( I also have opened an issue for the phpList development team (… see this issue for a resolution.

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Well found - thanks very much for reporting!