Personal Note & Name Attribute when forwarding messages

Hi phplist people

When forwarding an email to someone is there a way to:

a) write a short personal note?

b) The Name Attribute defaults to [FIRSTNAME] on the forwarded email. Is there a way it can keep the original name that the attribute used in that particular email (i.e. if it says Hi Phil . . . let the forwarded email also say Hi Phil . . . and you can write a personal note saying "Thought you might be interested in this . . . ")

I noticed in the old documentation that it says this:

In 2.10.6RC1 the following optional behavior has been added:

Keep sender attributes
When forwarding (‘to a friend’) the message will be using the attributes of the destination email by default. This often means the message gets stripped of al its attributes. When setting a config value to 1, the message will use the attributes of the forwarding user. It can be used to connect the destinatory to the forwarder and/or reward the forwarder. Warning: attributes of the forwarding user can be disclosed to his friend this way.

Send to multiple emails
You can allow to enter more than one friend. A setting defines how many email addresses you can enter in the forward page. Default is 1 to not change behaviour from previous version. This maximum is counted per day.

Personal message
You can allow user to prepend a personal note when forwarding ‘to a friend’. The note is prepended to both text and html messages and will be stripped of all html

Are these functions still available in the latest phplist? and if so how do I switch them on?

Any help with this would be most appreciated



@ see the explanation in config_extended.php