Path problem with store

Everywhere I enter something I go an error with NOT FOUND
The requested Url /newsletter/admin/ was not found on this server.

But when I go back everything is fine und done.

I don’t find the place where I can change this wrong path

I have —
and not /newsletter/admin/

I have 3.2.5 phplist working

Greetings Rainer

Simply add the following to your config/config.php file
# if you change the path to the phpList system, make the change here as well
# path should be relative to the root directory of your webserver (document root)
$pageroot = ‘/newsletter’;

@Dragonrider @Rlaila I think that phplist is installed in the root of a subdomain

so I guess that your suggestion is what he already has. If that is the case, then change it to

$pageroot = '';

Thanks a lot now it is runing

Hey duncanc your tip was good, but there is still a problem now I found out
for example by creating a startpage he than take the path
that is wrong because the newsletter has to stand at first like

where can I now change this??

Also the answer (confirm) of the newsletter has the wrong path!

Thanks for an Idee

@Rlaila You might have entered the wrong value for “Website address (without http://)” on the Settings page. That needs to be where phplist is installed.

Also, there are a number of urls on the Settings page, such as “URL where subscribers can sign up”. Those might need to be changed as well.

Thanks for your tip. but nothing was running. Then I decided to delete everything and to let ist install again for the server automatic from Now he create the right path, all Problems are gone