Pageroot set correctly but the link subscribe and unsubscribe from this newsletter appears / lists /

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I installed version 3.0.12, I set the pageroot and inside the admin panel is working properly how well the front side. The problem is that the link is in the front and in the confirmation of registration to the mailing list or removal from the mailing list are incorrect. In practice adds the directory lists. How can I do?
thank you all

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Ho installato la versione 3.0.12, ho settato la pageroot e all’interno del pannello admin funziona correttamente come funziona bene anche il lato front. Il problema è che i link sia nel front che nella conferma di iscrizione alla mailinglist o cancellazione dalla mailinglist sono errati. In pratica aggiunge la directory lists. Come posso fare?
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What file path is your installation on?
What $pageroot have you set?
Which config file are you using?
What is the url showing when you access your installation please?

Thanks for the reply. I resolved I had not noticed the opportunity in the configuration from the control panel to change the link. I apologize for the post useless

Glad to know it’s now fixed.