Out of 30k emails only 60+ are sent

Hi there,

I have a strange issue where a list of 30k emails was used for a campaign. Out of that there were some filters set using the SegmentPlugin, details of it below. I am also attaching afew screenshots to show that about 60 were sent but the figures dont seem to add up cos the plugin detected over 20k qualifiying emails. I am using a dedicated machine. What i do not understand is the campaign seems to have ended after sending less then 100 mails and is marked as completed. Any idea what i could have done wrong here?

phplist version:

Status : Active

version version0.1
Status: Inactive

@john A few things to check.

In the usermessage table how many rows are there for that message? Each subscriber rejected by the plugin will have a row with status value of ‘not sent’. If those rows are present then the plugin has rejected those subscribers otherwise phplist has decided not to send to them.

Check the event log to see if there is anything relevant.

What are the conditions that you have used in the Segment plugin to select the subscribers?

You should also upgrade the plugin to the current version, on the Manage Plugins page. You should also upgrade phplist to its latest release, as I don’t remember whether there have been any changes that affect the plugin since 3.0.12.

Hi duncanc,

most of the users are ‘not sent’ only 62 have ‘sent’. will that ‘not sent’ status only be a unique value by that plugin i.e. would phplist normally use that status anyway for those that are not sent yet? Reason being the plugin did detect most of them qualified when i did a check using a button it has prior to proceeding.

Log of Events:
In the log i see 18088 entries,the first few pages of messages seem to be:
" Subscriber (url:27826) has consecutive bounces (1) over threshold (1), subscriber marked unconfirmed"
" system message bounced, but unknown subscriber"

After that i come across the actual messages which show the operation, could you please help interpret the log?

165712016-03-04 21:50:25Less than batch size were sent, so reloading imminently
page: pageaction

      165702016-03-04 21:50:25Finished this run
      page: pageaction
      165692016-03-04 21:50:25Processed 38 out of 26845 subscribers
      page: pageaction
      165682016-03-04 21:50:12Found them: 26845 to process
      page: pageaction
      165672016-03-04 21:50:12Looking for subscribers
      page: pageaction
      165662016-03-04 21:50:12Processing message 30

In the view bounces there are 378 entries showing mostly unknown, if 378 messages were
For those who have difficulty finding the message in the db follow this:
login to db,
go to _message table and see what is the message id,
Select * from _message where messageid= 'xx’
where xx is your message id you got earlier.

@john The status ‘not sent’ means that the subscriber was rejected for sending by a plugin. Do you have any other plugins installed that might be filtering the subscribers?

What is the background to this? Have you previously been sending to the same set of subscribers successfully using the Segment plugin?

You appear to be processing the queue through the browser. For the size of lists that you have that is not really feasible so I don’t quite see how you can have sent to 30,000 subscribers before. You should use a cron job to process the queue instead.

I suggest creating a new campaign with the same content and try sending that, after upgrading both phplist and the plugins, and creating a cron job. Or you can just requeue the campaign. It will not be sent to those subscribers who have already received it, and the plugin will re-evaluate each other subscriber again.

You didn’t explain the segment conditions that you are using.

hi duncanc, thx alot for your help so far, just wanted to update you that i just ran the updates. apparently my version was quite outdated. I had given up on this until recently when i started speaking to a friend about phplist. In the momentum i decided to open up everything and take a closer look. will update soon on this.

The segment conditions btw were:

  1. dont sent to any government
  2. send to users in USA only
  3. dont send to any free emails (gmails, yahoo etc)
    total emails which qualified were ard 30k

i think there might be a bug here in the segmentation module… im going to try to send without any filters and see wut happens.

So far its already sent 700+ emails which is a new record… had to manually process the queue but lets see what happens if i leave if for a 12 hour run :slight_smile: will update more soon.