Our bestest forum mod is in Hospital: send him get well messages here:

Hi Guys,

Our long-time good guy forum mod Dragonrider is ill in hospital. Dragonrider has been caring for our forums for many many years: he is a big part of our community,

If you want to send him a get well message, post it below or DM me. I will make sure they go to him.

If you want to send a card or a gift, email me on anna@phplist.com and I will give you my address, and then I will send them on to him.

Kind Regards

phpList Community Manager

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Oh NO!

Best wishes for Dragonrider, and for a speedy recovery!


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Cool, I hope to take him over a gift on Wednesday or Thursday. Any suggestions? Flowers and a computer mag?

Don’t forget to bring him a hug and a smile, too!
Maybe he’d like to listen to some music? How about his (i)phone and a pair of headsets, and a charger!

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Yes, good idea :smile:

Please pass on my best wishes.

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@Dragonrider get well soon!

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Best wishes for a quick recovery and good health.

Thanks everyone, I’ve been released after good behaviour and arrived home a couple of hours ago, just trying to catch up with any urgent stuff before bedtime.

I’ve recovered my strength and although I am now struggling with my words, rather than my speech, I’m all here just a bit slower as the brain routes new pathways. Bit of a way to go on the road to recovery but I’ll get there.


Hi David,

Great to hear from you. Welcome back!

Hey David, it was great to see you the other day. Hope you are continuing to improve!

Hi, I’m glad you’re better. Bye.

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