Oscillation in the result for campaigns

When sending campaigns through PHPList, the percentages, both the number of sent and displayed, are not being consistent as for example on February 19, 2022.
In total we have more than 16,000 subscribers, which makes me wonder if there is an error in sharing the champions for not arriving as expected.
I attatch a img where you can see this oscillation.
Can you help me?

Thank you

@Embaixada_do_Porto Look on the Event Log page around the date/time of each sending - 15 March 2023, 22 Feb 2023, etc. phplist will have logged how many subscribers it found to send to, and also any errors in sending.

Also, look on the Lists page to see how many confirmed subscribers there are. phplist does not send to unconfirmed or blacklisted subscribers.

Hi Duncan, tanhk you for you apply!

We try we clean our lists and still dind’t work, don’t send for no one.

Can you help? Have other thing we can do?