Only small number of subscribers on my mailing lists are being sent the campaign (& very slowly!)

Hi. I am new to phplist.

The Background - I installed it to my Hostgator-hosted web server.

I amended the default config.php in my phplist installation folder to throttle email sending to 450/hr (changed FROM define(‘MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE’, 0); TO define(‘MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE’, 8):wink:
No other changes.

I started by trying to send a campaign via the web GUI at https://<my_domain_name>.com/phplist_installation/admin using just my web browser. After a while I refreshed my web browser screen & found that I had been logged out of the above GUI. After checking logs It seemed that my browser had timed out and the processing of the campaign had stopped, with only a few of the email address in my list having been sent the mailing. After doing some web research, it seems this is a common known issue, and found phpList’s queue processing service" (Remote Processing) as a promising solution

I use the Scheduling page (Step 3 of the GUI’s Send a Campaign “Wizard” process) to set a time in advance (6am my time) for my campaign to start and also a “Stop sending after” deadline (11am my time) (my web host only allows email campaigns during their server off-peak hours).

The Problem - Even using the above “queue processing service” only a small proportion of my mailing list gets sent the mailing (before it stops due to the “Stop sending after” deadline I set, to keep to the above off-peak hours restrictions at my web host) - between 200-300 out of about 1,200 email addresses. This despite the processing taking over 6 hours (so slow!). I believe 6 hours should have been plenty of time.

My Question - How can I get my campaign sent to my whole list ? (e.g. send 450/hr)

the best way would be to setup a cron job to process the queue, and to process the bounces. read more here: