Only sendinding 25 emails an hour

Hi Guys

Running 3.6.3. A prior version send 500 emails an hour. SInce upgrading to this version it send only 25 or so an hour in 2 emails per batch. Using same config.php file as prior verson

ISP says my account has no email per hour limit. What could be going wrong.

Help still needed. Would it help if I posted my config file?

This is the message I get within phplist
Sending in batches of 10,000 emails

Processed 2 out of 4216 subscribers

Script stage: 5

2 messages sent in 70.30 seconds (102 msgs/hr)

Finished this run

Sending in batches of 10,000 emails

@bigfellani5 It looks like you might be processing the queue through the phplist admin interface in the browser. That limits the elapsed sending time to 60s. this is to avoid problems with the browser or web server timing-out. You could try modifying the batch size, throttle, etc to fit in with that 60s limit.

It is generally more reliable to use a cron job to process the queue, which doesn’t have that limitation on the elapsed sending time.

How do you set up a cron job to process the que

Thankyou for that

I am under the impression I was using a cron job. Were in the program is there a setting to ensure the program is using a cron job.

Anyway in my config file I have

Which I thought just sends things as fast as it can