One report only after sending

Hi all!
Unfortunately I am new to phplist and I cannot find the information I need.
Is it possible to set phplist to send a single report with the sendings made, those successful and those not?
At the moment I receive an email for every unsuccessful sending and this forces me to open a hundred emails to read one for one reason.
Since I think it is not easy to determine when the submission is finished, it may also be sufficient to have a page where to consult this list, by accessing the admin console of phplist.
I apologize if the question is trivial, but I could not find what I need.

With batch processing, two primary settings work together to say: Send no more than N emails every T seconds. Where: N is MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE T is MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD These settings force phpList to “restrain itself” and avoid sending out all messages in one go.