Old = sign and strike-through problem

The emails are not coming out clear… they have the = sign in the middle of the text or html tags that are making the emails hard to read. I know this is old but it has not been cleared… I added the HTMLEMAIL_ENCODING","8bit back to the config file, it has helped some but has not cleared the problem up.

Dinner = will be served
and l= ast to 8 PM.
provide i= nformation on the

Also, on some emals the entire paragraphs have a strike-through on all words

Is there any way to correct this problem… I am beginning to loose subscribers because they are having a problem reading the emails.

My recollection is that this problem can be caused by an email going through Microsoft Exchange, which seems to sometimes quoted-printable encode again, or by having very long lines in the message (more than about 1000 characters) in which case phpmailer falls-back to quoted-printable encoding even when 8bit has been specified.

Unless there is some way to make this problem happen repeatedly then it is difficult to see how to investigate it.

Are you using the View in Browser plugin to provide a link for people who are affected by this?

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This seems to fix it… put in config.php file…


Thanks, I will certainly try this.

I thought it looked familiar… I had placed this in the config file at the bottom and it seem to be working. At least I haven’t had any complaints.

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