Old phplist with new(er) php

I never updated phplist beyond version 3.2.6 because I have several plugins and it is/was my understanding back in the day that new plugin interfaces were being used in higher versions.
I also have some scripts that enter records etc. they may not work either with newer versions (not sure)

To be honest this version runs really well for me, very happy with it, so why mess with it.

I also still use php 5.5.

And there’s the catch
I need to upgrade to (at least) php 7.4 to be able to run server updates etc.

My question, are you aware of issues in this regard ?
Will phplist 3.2.6 still work with a more recent php version ?

Perhaps the best way to answer this is to keep your existing system intact, create a new system containing versions of the os that you desire to use, then copy your phplist directory and database over to the new test system, and try it out.

I would expect that you might run into upgrade issues with the database, for instance it MIGHT not all be converted properly (you would need to go through a couple of intermediate upgrades to get to the new system… etc.

I also recommend that you end up on php8.x…


Thanks for your suggestion Dan.
I would like to keep with phplist 3.2.6 for the time being. But on a higher version OS with a higher version PHP.

Are you saying that, even if phplist 3.2.6 is used, the database might need upgrades ?
Is the version of PHP affecting the database ?

Sorry for being so ignorant on the subject

I’m not an expert on this, only making suggestions based on my own experience. I’m assuming you run your own server and can configure it anyway you want to… i.e. a newer version of the OS with an old, unsupported version of php (that may need to be custom installed).

If you update the o/s, you might also need to update the version of mysql and/or php, then it’s possible that a couple of the old sql commands have been updated/deprecated.

There are a lot of moving pieces in phpList, and one of them is the O/S versions. All I’m saying is that upgrading just one of the pieces (the O/S) may cause other things (that were not upgraded) to not work as expected. The best way to determine if this applies to your situation is just to setup a test server and try it out.

It’s a managed server. I know barely the basics. I can ask the people who manage it (KnownHost) to install a higher OS and PHP version etc. but since I don’t know what is possible with what and how etc. it’s always hard to predict what I will get myself into.

Right …
See, that is a big fear of course.
Because updating the OS might cause a cascading problem that will be hard to get under control in a reasonable time. Especially since I also rely on plugins etc

I was confronted with this looming problem yesterday, to be fixed before the end of June, but the timing couldn’t be worse. Life gets in the way sometimes :wink: