Number of emails sent in a campaign do not correspond to the number of active contacts I have

Hello, a couple of days ago I had a total of approximately 14 thousand contacts distributed mainly in 4 lists. In this week, I increase contacts passed to about 21 thousand contacts. With this I started a campaign in which approximately 20 thousand emails were sent; however, I have two subsequent campaigns in which only 17,000 emails are sent in each campaign, and 20,000 emails should be sent. I did a small analysis to verify repeated emails in the lists, however, at the end of my analysis, 20 emails should be sent. I have about 3 thousand emails that are not being shot at the campaigns and which are active, are not blacklisted and are confirmed. Where can the problem be found?

I’ve been looking the eventlog table and found this:

In the campaign scheduled at 02:30 am the processing of the normal campaign begins, in which it finds that the campaign will be sent to 20,174 contacts, then again finds only 17,376 contacts to whom the campaign will be sent.

In the campaign I am sending at the moment and which started at 10:30 am there are 20,689 contacts to whom the campaign should be sent, subsequently to 17,165 contacts and subsequently to 19705 contacts.

Why is doing this, if I’m using exactly the same lists at 02:30 am and 10:30 am?

You should look at the event log page, menu System > Event Log to see any errors that phplist might have reported.

I just have the next error:

(949205, ‘2019-11-08 02:42:36’, ‘processqueue’, ‘Error: El proceso fue matado por otro proceso’),

What does it means?

Error: The process was killed by another process

It means that the phplist process run by the cron job is taking too long and not responding. The next run of the cron job is killing the previous one.

If this was working up till now, then what has been changed to cause this problem?

I just download all the eventlog of the campaign scheduled at 2:30am, where can I send you the file. I dont want to publish here because it has all my contacts listed.

What do you mean by “it has all my contacts listed”.
Possibly some of the email addresses that you have imported are causing a problem for phplist. Have you validated all of the email addresses?

The eventlog display every single email send out, so it display every email address of my contacts. Mostly the 95% of email address are already been validated.

On some eventlog I’m getting things like:

Other events looks like:

(949207, ‘2019-11-08 02:42:36’, ‘processqueue’, ‘Enviando 132 a XXXXX’),

I blocked the email address for secure reasons.

Good morning, once again I left a campaign scheduled at 4:00am of today and the process just send 17,543 emails.

Something is wrong with the query that calculates the total of contacts, or something is wrong with the process, yesterday with the campaign I send at 10:30am it seems to work correctly. Can any one help me to check this please…

@rrosenbergg Are you sure that phplist has finished sending the campaign? Is the status “sent” and it appears on the Sent tab of the Campaigns page?

You should disable VERBOSE in the config.php file because the voluminous output is likely to make it difficult to see any genuine errors in the event log. In the event log does phplist indicate that it has completed the sending of the campaign?

Yes all campaigns finished. I have already disable VERBOSE, so im waiting instructions to send another campaign in order to monitor the process.

The thing is that this behavior began to occur with the increase in my contacts a week ago. I do not understand why this situation is happening with the sending of campaigns.

I had a similar situation this week 11/9/219 for the first time.We have been using PHPlist for years with few problems. I found info here and followed it. Campaign Sent Multiple Times .. (SMTP Error). It worked, but now I am not getting any statistics reported. The problem seems to be that the failures, that are not really failures, keep sending. The info in the link, is a temporary fix. I had upgraded to version 3.4.7 and installed the segmentation plugin and a subscriber plugin.

You’re problem is different than mine. Thank anyway.

Hello again, today a new campaign was sent which was carried out at 9:00 am, in it again the calculation of contacts was made at 20,000. This causes me a lot of confusion because previously two weeks ago campaigns were scheduled for the same lists and only were sent to 17 thousand emails contacts.

@rrosenbergg Look at the Statistics Overview page to see the number of emails sent by phplist for each campaign.

I upload the image with the statistics you refer to. In them you will see what I said previously about the number of emails that are sent in each campaign being that the same lists are used for each one of them.

In the image you can see the campaigns sent between November 6 and 19. We can see that there are campaigns sent to 17 thousand contacts and others sent to 20 thousand contacts. The question is why the difference if I am using the same lists in all these campaigns. Another difference is that some campaigns have been sent at 04:00 am and others between 09:00 am and 11:00 am

@rrosenbergg If you send me a private message with the phplist login details then I will take a look.

Im sending info duncanc

Hello again, this weekend I scheduled the sending of a new campaign and it worked correctly sending emails to more than 20 thousand contacts. I think the configuration of the MESSAGEQUEUE_PREPARE = ​​0 variable worked correctly. I close the case and thank you very much for the support.

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