Notifications not working

When someone replies to a post of mine I’d expect a notification in the top right, but nothing appears. It used to work. I can give more information if required. Thanks.

I’ve just received a notification now – it must be working again! Thanks.

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Though, while the emails have re-started, and the notifications appear in the forum notification area, the number doesn’t appear on the Discourse iOS app.

If this happens on the Discourse mobile app with the phpList forum, then I suspect it should happen with other Discourse installations as well. My point is that this most probably is an issue with the mobile app itself rather than the Discourse installation since the notifications are correct on your browser.

That could well be true. Before visiting this time the app correctly showed “3” notifications. I’ve never noticed a problem before with any forum, but it could be that something was up with the app which coincided with thinking about the other problems on the phpList forum. (The earlier complete lack of emails and notifications was definitely a problem with the forum rather than the app.)

Thanks :slight_smile:

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