Not send to entire list


I’m using the latest version of phpList v3.3.5.


List 001 have 3.456 users confirmed.

After create a campaing and click to process the queue, only send to 12 users … why the others are just ignored and no error or log about is displayed?


I found the error.

I m using API to add users to system.
By default, API not send ‘disabled’ => 0, and its completed as NULL value.
Once disabled has NULL, query could’nt be executed correcty due !u.disabled.

Or change API to send disable = 0 or change MySQL database to remove NULL from disabled field.

//# if the above didn't find any, run the normal search (again)
if (empty($queued)) {
    //# remove pre-queued messages, otherwise they wouldn't go out
    Sql_Query(sprintf('delete from '.$tables['usermessage'].' where messageid = %d and status = "todo"',
    $removed = Sql_Affected_Rows();
    if ($removed) {
        cl_output('removed pre-queued subscribers '.$removed, 0, 'progress');

    $query = sprintf('select distinct from %s as listuser
    inner join %s as u ON = listuser.userid
    inner join %s as listmessage ON listuser.listid = listmessage.listid
    left join %s as um ON (um.messageid = %d and um.userid = listuser.userid)
    listmessage.messageid = %d
    and listmessage.listid = listuser.listid
    and = listuser.userid
    and um.userid IS NULL
    and u.confirmed and !u.blacklisted and !u.disabled
    %s %s',
        $messageid, $messageid,
        $exclusion, $user_attribute_query
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Great that you found the cause and a solution. Which version of the API are you using (link)? If it’s in the REST API v2 (for phpList 4) then this should be fixed soon.