Not receiving message content in the email campaign

Hi I am using phpList version 3.2.1 and PHP version 5.3.10

I am sending out emails with some message content written inside it. M sending it to a list which contains only 3 people.

The email is being received in the spam folder. For now that is not so much of an issue. My main concern is that they are receiving only link that can be seen in the Send a webpage - URL textbox and not receiving any of the content that i have sent in the compose message editor.

What i think is happening is that it is ignoring the choice of whether to send a webpage or compose message under the content option and it is directly sending a webpage URL only irrespective of the choice made.

Any idea what is the issue and what can be done ?

All help is appreciated very much.

Strange that you have both Compose Message window AND Send a webpage -URL visible at the same time, none of my phpList installs allow that.

I know you say you are using phpList 3.2.1 with PHP 5.3 but I wonder if you where able to upgrade to PHP 5.5 if that would make some difference, or have you made some changes to the core phpList files to allow both Compose & Webpage options to appear together?

No i haven’t made any changes to the core phpList files on this front.

But I think i might just try a fresh installation of the phpList version 3.2.1 and see if that makes any difference.

Always worth a try. Please feel free to get back to us if that doesn’t work. :smile: