Not receiving email from godaddy to business email

Hi to all. I am using phplist for newsletter purpose in godaddy domain. I used test mail in phplist after configuring. I am receiving mails like gmail, yahoo and hormail etc… But I am not receiving mails to business email ids. I can’t see any bounces or any error messages. After sending test mail I can see success but i didn’t receive any mail in business emails rather i am getting mails to my personal gmail account. I am using same gmail business emails with my domain name. Please anyone help me to achieve this. I am using 3.0.12 version

what do you mean by this? Can you give specific examples?

Or is there some forwarding going on? If you have gmail forwarding to another email, it won’t like that.

I configured phplist in godaddy server. I am having business email ids in gmail for example ( If I send test mail from phplist I am getting email to my personal id ( But the same email I am not receiving to my business email ( id. Thats the problem am facing now. There is no bounces or error on it.

Ok. Well, you are running into deliverability issues: essentially these domains reject your email, they think you are a spammer.

You might get some help on here, but this is very advanced work, it takes great skill. I think will be better for you, especially as the free account meets all your needs for now. You can always change back later if you like :smile:

Thank you anna. Any other idea to fix this please?

Can you receive emails from other accounts at the business domains? i.e. can you send an email from your yahoo address to the gmail hosted business domain? is the business domain setup for a while now (i.e. several days?)

Yeah! I am receiving from gmail yahoo and also other business domains

Also, what email are you using in the from line - does it improve when if you change that?

Hi, I am also having this problem. When I send out a campaign, its sends fine to my gmail email but will not send to our business account ( both phplist and our website/emails are hosted with godaddy, however prior to phplist we were using mailchimp and that seemed to work just fine.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Can we be clear about what we mean here. By “will not send” we mean “is not delivered to” - correct?
Let us be sure of the problem before we go further: examine if an email is sent by searching for the email in your subscribers, clicking the email to get to the subscriber profile and viewing the history. Are the campaigns sent? Do they bounce? It would be best if you chose maybe 5 emails to examine.

Also, in general please understand that when you are using service, such as or mailchimp, you are paying for people to do lots of technical things behind the scenes to improve the change of email delivery. When you use self hosted, you have to do those things for yourself. This is skilled work and takes time to learn.

I’m sorry I meant to be clearer than that :slight_smile: The whole queue is processed, there are no bounces (bounce address set up correctly).

Its tells me that the email addresses have been processed but nothing ever shows up and no bounces. I understand that there are possible anti-spam reasons for it not going through, i guess i was hoping someone might offer suggestions for how to better my chances of the mails getting through.

Although the message I sent out was the exact same one from mailchimp which was received ok, i copy and pasted it, minus the unsubcribe for mailchimp :slight_smile:


yes, so as I say, the issue is not phpList versus mailchimp, but active effort spent on deliverability versus no effort spent on deliverability. One thing you could do to put your mind at ease is to try the same campaign from, and see that the delivarability is okay from there, then at least you know it is possible to get the results you want with phpList software.

As for what changes to can make: this is tricky on a host like go-daddy. You can work to improve your subject lines and content, urls etc, avoid the general spam flag stuff ([google for tips][1]) but that won’t help you if your ip is rubbish and blacklisted all over the place, which may well be the cause. There are a lot of things wish simply rest with your hosting company I suppose, for example, I have run a basic phpList install on my shared server space (with a small web-hosting company) and had no deliverability problems at all.

I am sorry I am not more helpful with tips: it is for this exact reason that I have always used services personally… these are difficult skills to learn and I would rather spend my time on the quality of my mails. There are people around who can advise more on deliverability, and we could consider writing up some new documentation.

Your other option could be to pay someone like @danwaterloo to make some configurations for you.

yes sorry I didn’t mean to pit the two against each other, personally i love phplist and would much rather use opensource than commercial. I tried and sent more or less the same message which got through no problems. Might seem like a silly question but how can i message someone directly, want to ask @danwaterloo pricing etc to have a look at our installation.


Hi MsKazza,

you can send me an email…


heh, no worries. I was having a grumpy day. Going out for a levelly walk now to cheer up :smiley: Good luck with your sending :slight_smile: